Siwon Choi updates fans & hints at Super Junior’s comeback

On May 4th, Super Junior’s Siwon Choi (최시원, 崔始源) sent ELFs around the world into spazz attacks after tweeting: “Off to record the 6th album, after finishing a schedule that surprised everyone and got them asking how do I do it ^^.  I think I finished my schedule in Korea with full force this time around ^^.” Super Junior hits are so much fun at late night karaoke sessions (as we can all personally attest to), so I am genuinely looking forward to their next album! I wonder what concept they’re gonna go with this time…

Siwon also shared a selca that reminds us once again why he is considered the “visual representative” of the group. Oh Siwon, stop being so perfect all the time, k?

The next day, Siwon updated his Chinese fans regarding his whereabouts with the message “Arrived safely^^now on my way back to Shenzhen” on Weibo along with the following picture.

He’s currently in China filming a Mandarin modern drama called “Returning to the Past” with Yuan Hong (袁弘) and Wang Luodan (王珞丹). Yup, that’s right. My all-time fav kpop boyband member and one of my fav mainland actors in one drama = so much win. The only thing is that I don’t care much for the female lead Wang Luodan’s acting. But still, for Siwon and Yuan Hong, you bet I’ll be tuning in once the drama airs – keep an eye out for more drama info in the near future!