Siwon Choi updates fans & hints at Super Junior’s comeback

On May 4th, Super Junior’s Siwon Choi (최시원, 崔始源) sent ELFs around the world into spazz attacks after tweeting: “Off to record the 6th album, after finishing a schedule that surprised everyone and got them asking how do I do it ^^.  I think I finished my schedule in Korea with full force this time around ^^.” Super Junior hits are so much fun at late night karaoke sessions (as we can all personally attest to), so I am genuinely looking forward to their next album! I wonder what concept they’re gonna go with this time…

Siwon also shared a selca that reminds us once again why he is considered the “visual representative” of the group. Oh Siwon, stop being so perfect all the time, k?

The next day, Siwon updated his Chinese fans regarding his whereabouts with the message “Arrived safely^^now on my way back to Shenzhen” on Weibo along with the following picture.

He’s currently in China filming a Mandarin modern drama called “Returning to the Past” with Yuan Hong (袁弘) and Wang Luodan (王珞丹). Yup, that’s right. My all-time fav kpop boyband member and one of my fav mainland actors in one drama = so much win. The only thing is that I don’t care much for the female lead Wang Luodan’s acting. But still, for Siwon and Yuan Hong, you bet I’ll be tuning in once the drama airs – keep an eye out for more drama info in the near future!


Leehom Wang and Lin Gengxin for May 2012 issue of ElleMen

Two of my favorite Asian entertainers in one magazine?!? ElleMen, I approve. I will be sure to pick up a copy of this magazine when I travel to China later this month! can’t wait! But for now, less words and more pictures!

As the cover artist, Leehom Wang is looking as charismatic as always with a violin in hand. The headline underneath his name translates roughly into “The worst thing in life is to be in stagnant water.” Considering how busy he has been lately, traveling around the world on his Music Man II tour and all, I think this phrase describes him well.

Meanwhile, rising star Lin Gengxin has been quite the busy bee himself. He’s currently filming a modern drama with Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang, but he keeps popping up on my asian pop newsfeed with photoshoots and endorsement deals left and right. (Or is it simply because I just pay more attention to him now?) Keep up the good work, Xiao Xin, but give yourself a break once in a while too!

#whatshouldwecallsuperjunior (part 4)

When my friend makes a really bad pun:


When I see a guy wearing capris:


When I wake up 10 minutes before class starts and still make it on time:


When I show up to class wearing sweatpants:


When I score above the average on an exam:


When I score an A on an exam… without the curve:


When someone invades my personal space:


When the person in front of me is walking really slowly:


When I meet a fellow K-pop fan:


When my friends ask me if I want to get frozen yogurt with them:


When my school’s team beats my rival school’s team:


When I bring in groceries from the car:


When I find out that Super Junior is not coming to the U.S. for their Super Show 4 tour:


When my friend is having a bad day:


When I order a K-pop album online and it finally comes in the mail:


*NOTE* gifs are not mine! credit goes to the original makers of the gifs.

#whatshouldwecallsuperjunior (part 3)

When my favorite song comes on:


When I get to the bus stop and the bus hasn’t left yet:


When I attempt to cook:


When I want to get a sandwich from Subway’s but they’re out of honey oat bread:


Dancing at a club-




Trying to look seductive-




When the dryer actually dries my clothes:


*NOTE* gifs are not mine! credit goes to the original makers of the gifs.

#whatshouldwecallsuperjunior (part 2)

When Super Junior comes out with a new MV:


When EXO comes out with another teaser:


When English subs come out for the currently-airing drama that I’m following:


When my favorite member gets a lot of screen time in a performance/show:


When I listen to a song from new K-pop band and actually really like it:


When people post fancams/pictures from my favorite band’s concert:


*NOTE* gifs are not mine! credit goes to the original makers of the gifs.


When my professor cancels the last day of class:


When I zone out in class and the professor calls on me:


When the professor calls on me and I make a comment that’s not completely stupid:


When my professor assigns 50 pages of readings for the next class:


When I’m late to class and everyone turns around when they hear the classroom door open:


As a second semester senior, while everyone else is studying for finals, I’m just like:


When I finally turn in my thesis:


*NOTE* gifs are not mine! credit goes to the original makers of the gifs.

Tang Wei (汤唯) models for jewelry brand + new movie with Hyun Bin (현빈) released

Gorgeous Hong Kong actress Tang Wei picked up an endorsement deal with jewelry brand Forevermark and completed a photo shoot that showed off her exquisite beauty.

Rising to fame as the lead actress in the 2007 movie “Lust, Caution” by Academy Award winning Taiwanese director Ang Lee, Tang Wei hasn’t been involved in that many productions since then. She picks her roles very carefully and is a very low key person when not acting, so it sure has been a while since we’ve heard from her.

Launching a recent big screen comeback with the movie “Late Autumn” co-starring South Korean actor Hyun Bin, Tang Wei proves that she is one of the top stars in both China and the international stage. I wouldn’t be surprised if her next big role takes her all the way to Hollywood!

Check out pictures from the photo shoot below along with an MV for “Late Autumn,” a bittersweet love story about two people destined to be with each other…their English is pretty good, huh?