Leehom Wang and Lin Gengxin for May 2012 issue of ElleMen

Two of my favorite Asian entertainers in one magazine?!? ElleMen, I approve. I will be sure to pick up a copy of this magazine when I travel to China later this month! can’t wait! But for now, less words and more pictures!

As the cover artist, Leehom Wang is looking as charismatic as always with a violin in hand. The headline underneath his name translates roughly into “The worst thing in life is to be in stagnant water.” Considering how busy he has been lately, traveling around the world on his Music Man II tour and all, I think this phrase describes him well.

Meanwhile, rising star Lin Gengxin has been quite the busy bee himself. He’s currently filming a modern drama with Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang, but he keeps popping up on my asian pop newsfeed with photoshoots and endorsement deals left and right. (Or is it simply because I just pay more attention to him now?) Keep up the good work, Xiao Xin, but give yourself a break once in a while too!


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