#whatshouldwecallsuperjunior (part 4)

When my friend makes a really bad pun:


When I see a guy wearing capris:


When I wake up 10 minutes before class starts and still make it on time:


When I show up to class wearing sweatpants:


When I score above the average on an exam:


When I score an A on an exam… without the curve:


When someone invades my personal space:


When the person in front of me is walking really slowly:


When I meet a fellow K-pop fan:


When my friends ask me if I want to get frozen yogurt with them:


When my school’s team beats my rival school’s team:


When I bring in groceries from the car:


When I find out that Super Junior is not coming to the U.S. for their Super Show 4 tour:


When my friend is having a bad day:


When I order a K-pop album online and it finally comes in the mail:


*NOTE* gifs are not mine! credit goes to the original makers of the gifs.


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